Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ted Neeley - Legen....waitforit...dary!

Most Awesome Thing EVERIts a poorly guarded secret that Jesus Christ Superstar is my favorite rock opera. In a fight for top musical it would have to tie with BtVS's Once More with Feeling but only because of my irrational love for Joss Whedon.

Last night my friend and I went to see JCS and it was AMAZING. Ted Neeley plays Jesus which led to mock confusion when I told people the "original Jesus" would be on stage. According to IMDB he's in his late sixties but man can he rock! His voice has deepened as it matured but he can still hit the high notes.

And Judas...

Oh the pathos!My God, JCS is about Judas' journey and almost everything we see is from his perspective. James Delisco played the part of Judas and I'm pretty certain I fell in love. He made changes to the original score that improved it, his acting was perfect and his gestures were *sigh* Plus he's a damned fine looking man. He was signing autographs after the show and we saw him walking out but were too busy passively stalking Ted Neeley.

That's right - my friend and I stalked around outside for over an hour in freezing cold Easter Eve weather waiting for him to come out. Reports of whether he was still in the building were conflicted and just as we had given up and were walking back to our car we got to meet him.


While Judas may be the central character (for me) in JCS, Ted Neeley is the star and seeing him face to face after countless watchings on dvd (and previously vhs) for half my life have made him larger than almost any other actor still out *swoon*

Anyway, he was totally nice and chatted with us for about fifteen minutes. He signed autographs (breaking in my Stainless Steel Sharpie FTW!), took pictures (where I look half frozen and my nose is redder than Rudolph's) and at the end gave us hugs and called us by our first names.

And then I died!

Actually I proceeded to gush for the next few hours. JCS is playing tonight and damned if my fangirlness doesn't want to go buy nosebleed seats (we were on the GROUND FLOOR last night) just to see it again. The show is even better than it is on dvd and James Delisco as Judas was amazing. They were selling dvds of the performance for $35 but I was too fixated on getting outside to passively stalk to buy it.


Anonymous said...

You are too funny..yes I totally agree with you, the show is phenomenal and I have seen it 3 times in the past twelve months and I am sitting here in Florida wondering how on earth i can get to another show. glad you got to meet Ted what that does to your evening..just puts you on a cloud you are hard pressed to get down from. good on ya sister....there are many of us who will gladly echo your sentiments, Claire North from Fl

Anny said...

3 times in twelve months - WOW! Did you have to travel to catch that many shows? I checked their calendar and they seem to move around every 3-4 days.

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