Sunday, April 26, 2009


Employed folks always ask where my days go. Into the awesomeness of life - that's where! I've been enjoying April with aplomb!

I got to meet Ted Neely, today I went to a BtVS celebration of Lorne (I had a sea breeze!), this week I'm going to Cirque de Soleil and my niece turns one! On top of that my parents will be visiting from DR and I've been enjoying consumerism while trying to plan my first real garage sale at the new place. Add in some side work I've picked up and well - this month has been random and lovely all at once :)

So here's some stuff you can buy this week if you want to be me:

1. CVS - Garnier. I picked up some hair gel since I seem to have garage saled my stockpile when moving.

2. Rite Aid - Skintimate shave gel

3. Walgreens - EVERYTHING! Ecotrin, Bayer, Nivea Body Wash, Got2Be hair stuff, Rembrant...Walgreens has gone insane with freebies this week.

4. Staples - Omnitech gps to be hacked and loved

5. Best Buy - Video games to be played, gifted and sold

Notice how there is zero mention of grocery stores and food? This Anny went overboard in previous weeks and needs to eat down the pantry before buying anything else!