Thursday, April 30, 2009

Running Around Nissan

Nissan has been giving me a headache and burning up my cellphone minutes all April.

I have a 2006 Sentra. Its cute and dependable and even though I'm constantly asked when I'll be upgrading I demur. If I were to trade it in it would be because of one known issue which Nissan refuses to fix.

When I turn the car on there is often a long crank before it actually turns on. This is a known issue with my car and the fix is simple: a new fuel pump.

Now Nissan has been giving me the run around on this for over a year. Every time I complain they check something different - first the starter, then the battery, then a full diagnostics. Every time I get a metaphorical pat on the head and told that it can't be that serious if its not detected by their machine.

I am Anny's Level of annoyance reaching red.

So finally this month I got a TSB report (NTB05-052) from the US Transportation department. I called Nissan and they have been calling me back and forth (see comment re: burning cell phone minutes).

Of course during their calls back and forth this month my three year warranty ran out. Seriously. I am SO annoyed by this that even though its been my only real problem with the car, it is a daily annoyance. Now that the warranty is up I am seriously considering trading it in for something with more depandable customer service and no TSBs.