Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Renter's Insurance

Renter's Insurance on Plants :DI recently purchased renter's insurance and am kicking myself for waiting so long. I am fully covered in case of fire, flood, theft or famine for ONLY $50 a year.

Well maybe not famine ;)

I always thought renter's insurance was as expensive as car insurance. Yet as the accouterments of modern living started piling up (tv, dvd player, wii, digicam, laptop, scooba, furniture etc.) I became concerned and gave my car insurance folk a call.

$50 will replace any damaged items at purchase price instead of depreciated cost. It also covers any items stolen from my car or person. I got a 2% discount for using my car's insurance company but their cheapest policy costs $50. Its possible other companies are cheaper but I was unmotivated to shop around. I check my insurance policy 2-3 times a year to make sure I'm paying the lowest rates and they always blow away the competition so I felt safe going with them.

If you are on the fence about renter's insurance and own more than $50 worth of stuff this is a sound investment.

Gosh this reads like a high school essay :P


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a smart idea.

I love love love what this is filed under.

I feel like I owe you an email, or you asked me a question I haven't answered. My brain is lost at this moment in time. Can you remind me if you did?