Thursday, April 23, 2009

Redbox Reporting

I love touchscreensIf I'd realized renting stuff at Redbox was so easy I would have been doing this for months! You don't need a GED for this:

Screen 1: Asked if I was renting or returning
Screen 2: Asked if I had a coupon code (Duh! See below)
Screen 3: Showed rental code made it a free rental (Sweet!)
Screen 4: Started displaying movies and gave me option to browse by genre, alphabetical order or new releases. (Click here to browse available selection before going.)

I picked my movie, swiped my card and it asked for an e-mail address to send the receipt to.

The whole process took 3 minutes (about a minute of that was me inputting my e-mail address incorrectly over and over). The movie is due back tomorrow night at 9pm or I start being charged $1 a day up to 24 days at which point the movie is mine to keep.

Random Thoughts:
This makes me dislike Blockbuster even more. They are such a timesink since you need to wander around looking for stuff which is always in an unexpected section. The Redbox selection was impressive (over a hundred different titles in one machine!) and interface friendlier than I thought it would be. Plus I got to park in ShopRite's parking lot which has a million parking spaces (gross exagerration) as opposed to Blockbuster which has zero spaces (complete truth).

The first time you use a credit card at Redbox use code: REDBOX to get a free rental. These are other free codes the internet swears work but I haven't tried:
WALGREENS (only works at Walgreens kiosks)
731LUCKY (only works at Lucky’s kiosks)
MCDMEDVD (only works at McDonald’s kiosks)
MCSUMR808 (only works at McDonald’s kiosks)
SUMMER1 (only works at Giant Supermarket kiosks)
SMITHS11 (only works at Smith’s kiosks)
SHOP (only works at Stop & Shop kiosks)