Monday, April 27, 2009

Recession = Cheap Food

I heart wasabi friesThrough all of May TGI Fridays will sell all salads and sandwiches for $5 all day in May. The move follows a recent rollout by Chili's of 10 entrees for less than $7.

"The question: Can Friday's afford it? A steak sandwich that usually fetches $11.75 will go for $5, as will a pecan-crusted chicken salad, normally $9.69. All are full-size portions. The chain hasn't had such low prices on its menu since it opened in 1965."

Sale prices start on May 1 but you can click here to see what will be on the menu.

If you plan on going for this make sure to sign up for their stripes rewards program. The card will be mailed to your house and coupons (including one to cut to the front of the line) will be e-mailed to you. I think you have to spend $100 to get $7 off your next order so don't expect anything big from having this card ;)

Hopefully dropping prices like this won't lead to much loss in quality. Selling a $10 salad for $5 won't lead to bankruptcy but those steak sandwiches have to be a loss leader.