Friday, April 3, 2009

Monthly Goals - the Rain Edition

Why does Snoop carry an umbrella?*

Anyway lets look at March's goals:
1. Buy groceries - More than taken care of
2. Set up internet - As if this goal would fall to the wayside!
3. Float - And how!
4. Throw brother Speed Racer birthday party - Party hats - check!
5. Hurry up and wait - It was definitely a waity month

Looks like all goals can be ticked off.

April Goals:
1. Car Stuff - Buy new bumper, remote sensor and probably an oil change by the month's end
2. Find new charity - I've been sponsoring a kid for months but its not very fulfilling. Look around for someone else to give $25 to.
3. New hobby time - Swimming ends next week so I need a new hobby to take up. I may go back to belly dancing or kick boxing but I'm rather keen on just finding something new. I wonder if there are any local astronomy clubs?
4. Unclutter - My parents are visiting at the end of the month! I have a ton of clothing to send to DR and a lot of stuff I want to garage sale plus winter garments to store. I love minimizing!
5. No More Plants - I love plant but its stresses me out when they die. I bought two new ones yesterday. One is a replacement but the other is a paradise palm that is supposed to sit on my back porch. Yesterday it was in the upper 60s and quite sunny. The plant was thrilled. Today its 52 and raining. Maneuvering around a 4 foot tall plant in the middle of the night en route to the bathroom? Sucks.
6. E-Mail Future Self - I saw this over at Always the Planner's blog. I'm always doing stuff to make Future Anny happy so this will keep her honest ;)

So six goals, career training steps begin, car get fancier and my parents finally visit! April is going to be a wonderful month :D

*'fo drizzle!!!


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-well done on your progress to date and good luck for those April goals!