Monday, April 6, 2009

Jesus + Sharpie = OTP

Jesus Christ Superstar in 2009!So today was a lousy day to be out and about. There was rain. There was wind. There were rolling trashcans (I live on a hill).


My stainless steel Sharpie arrived via FedEx and (SCOUT'S HONOR) the clouds parted and the sun came out as I was admiring it. Just ask anyone in our area around 5pm!

I haven't used the Sharpie yet - I'm taking it with me when I see Ted Neeley this Saturday night (SQUEEEEEE) and I'm going to have him inaugurate my Sharpie by autographing my Jesus Christ Superstar dvd.

Then when Future People say "Man Anny, that's a swank looking Sharpie" I'll reply "Hey true story, the first person to use that baby was the superstar Jesus Christ!" and then they will turn green with envy :D


So who carries the stainless steel Sharpie? Only Amazon right now although Staples and Office Max are rumored to start selling them this summer. Click here to order your own!


Anonymous said...

I bought one...yes I am a dork...but feel slight better knowing its not for me :P


Anny said...

No, you'd be a dork if you hadn't bought it. You're welcome for my pointing it out ;)