Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Goodbye Blockbuster, Hello Redbox

Blockbuster has turned me into a jaded customer in the past few months. Turn around times are slowing, boxsets mail out of order and now they've done away with the "rent a video from the store and we'll still mail the next one" feature.

Here is how I'm replacing the service:

1. Library - Obviously. After Blockbuster screwed me out of Smallville I placed a hold at the library and it arrived within the week. I didn't have to wait 3-4 days to get the next disk and I could keep them for two weeks without penalty.

Redbox Vending Machine2. Redbox - For more current stuff I'm switching to Redbox. New release rentals are only $1 a day and they have free rental codes once or twice a week. The videos are in a vending machine at ShopRite which is easier to get to than Blockbuster and has its own parking lot. Plus I have begun a love affair with ShopRite *le sigh*

3. PathMark's Version - PathMark has their own version of RedBox. Dvds are $1.49 a night but I never see free coupons. However PM is ten minutes roundtrip while ShopRite is about half hour roundtrip. Sometimes its worth the extra cash not to wander all over town in search of amusement.

Edit: Ryan linked me to this story saying Blockbuster is having financial difficulty. Now I feel mean for the above post :(

Blockbuster has such an advantage over Netflix in offering in-store exchanges. If they carried more indie films I bet a lot of people would switch from Netflix. Plus they're the only local store I know that rents video games. BB has such promise but witnessing their business model makes me cringe. Instead of keeping current customers *cough* happy by delivering promised service they are targetting future customers. Word of mouth is important and a revolving door customer databases just isn't practical.


Anonymous said...

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