Monday, April 6, 2009

EDP - in Reverse

I was reading about Eating down the Pantry this weekend and had to chuckle at my backwards timing on this one. A monthly goal back in February was to eat through as much of my pantry as possible before the move.

Now that I've moved and have more shelf space I'm working on Building Up the Pantry instead. Shopping and eating for one is an interesting exercise.

I've stopped stockpiling meat when it goes on sale. Perhaps one day I will have a deep freezer and one of those fancy air removing contraptions but until then I am tired of freezer burn and trying to figure out what to do with sausages.

ShopRite PriceClub CardSo here is what I bought for free(ish) at ShopRite yesterday:

SuperPretzel, Tio Pepe Churros, or Pretzelfils $1.84 sale price
$.34 after coupon:

·Superpretzel Product, Any - 03-15-09 RP $0.75/1 x06/30/09 Insert
·Superpretzel Pretzelfils, Any - 03-15-09 RP $0.75/1 x06/30/09 Insert
·Superpretzel Pretzelfils, Any - 02-22-09 RP $0.75/1 x04/30/09 Insert
·Superpretzel Product, Any - 02-22-09 RP $0.75/1 x04/30/09 Insert

Pepperidge Farm Granola Cookies, $1.79 sale price, $.79 after coupon
·Pepperidge Farm Granola Cookies, Any Bag - 02-22-09 SS $1.00/1 x04/30/09 Insert

French’s brown deli or yellow mustard, $1.39 sale price, Free after coupon
·French's Spicy Brown or Honey Mustard, Any - 03-29-09 SS $0.75/1 x07/19/09 Insert
·French's Spicy Brown, Honey, Honey Dijon or Horseradish Mustard, Any - 01-18-09 SS $0.75/1 x05/31/09 Insert

Colgate toothpaste, regular, tartar control, baking soda, or white mint, $.99 Free after coupon
·There are too many .50 coupons to list

There were more deals but I only get freebies that I or a family member will consume (or garage sale).