Monday, April 13, 2009

Cuba can Communicate with Us Again!

"The White House announced that it is abandoning longstanding restrictions on family travel, remittances and gifts to Cuba, and is also taking steps to open up telecommunications with the island, a significant shift in policy that fulfills a promise President Obama made during his election campaign." Source

This is wonderful news for all the refugees who were cut off from family back home. I've met so many people with fascinating stories about how difficult life was in Cuba and tales of traveling here on rafts and boats. Every one of those people mentioned family they left back home and how difficult it is to communicate with them unless they used covert methods.

I bet car companies are thrilled too. Now they can use old school cars in ads and say "Look if it survived tropical Cuba, it will survive soccer players." Just don't expect them to hold up to those standards in 2009 ;)