Friday, April 17, 2009

Can I just skip to dentures?

You guys know I have braces and love those suckers. Having them has led to an odd preoccupation with dental care and news in general. Look at what I found in May's issue of Martha Stewart Living:

Don't be lured in by this toxic beverage!"It's no news that sugary beverages can damage teeth. Less well-known is that acidic drinks are corrosive to tooth enamel, according to a recent study printed in the journal General Dentistry. This includes citrus-fruit juices and sodas (and other bottled drinks) that contain citric acid and phosphoric acid. After you sip something acidic, wait an hour before brushing, says Kenton A. Ross of the Academy of General Dentistry: "The acid in the drink weakens the enamel, and brushing can then remove microscopic amounts of that important enamel layer." Instead of brushing right away, rinse with water to dilute the acid."

I swear by the time these braces come off all I'll be consuming is bread and water, followed promptly by flouride rinses and enamel restoring toothpaste (which luckily enough is free after ECB at CVS this week).


Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

Oh Martha magazine. Swoon.

I've often thought dentures were a great idea. Who needs real teeth anyways?

Anny said...

And think of how handy it would be - "Mom, I'm tired! can you brush my teeth?"