Monday, March 9, 2009

Youth Trophies = Adult Clutter

Another type of trophy failI remember awards day in eigth grade. I ran out clutching seven or eight trophies and excited beyond belief. They were immediately displayed in my parent's living room.

I went to college, the trophies remained. I moved out. Then moved. Then moved again. Eventually my parents moved to Dominican Republic and all those trophies came back to me.

Right now they (and other random awards) are sitting in a tupperware container in the basement. I know I won't look at them until the next time I move and I don't anticipate ever displaying them in a future home.

So what do I do with them? I'm not especially sentimental and have thrown out childhood diaries and shredded redundant pictures. I've trashed old greeting cards, lost my high school and college diplomas (think they're lost, not trashed) and always try to eliminate redundancies in life.

Here are my favorite options from Unclutterer's article on the subject:
1. Take pictures, trash trophies
2. Pull off name plaque, trash trophies
3. Mail them one way to my parents in Dominican Republic, claim innocence

Ok so maybe I added #3 on my own but a girl can dream ;)

Now - anyone have good suggestions for yearbooks? Those are the densest things I own!


J. Money said...

haha that is too funny...i actually found all mine last year and put them all up on a mantel as to look really sportive and athletic.

i actually think it makes a room look pretty cool if you do it the right way (which i don't), but i'm just just hoping no none reads that they were from 15+ years ago ;)