Thursday, March 12, 2009


He'd probably order inPost Rejects guy claims to live down the street from Post Secret guy. According to him the OG Secretter trashes a bag of rejected postcards each weekend. Our capricious poster steals the bag so he can share the less desirable secrets (and sell a few shirts along the way).

Now I don't believe this story for a few reasons:

1. OG Secretter is a financially savvy guy. He controls how many cards are posted weekly, doesn't archive the lot, performs speaking engagements and sells books. I bet he's kept every single post card "just in case" he decides to open a museum...or you know do an April Fool's edition some time.

2. Stealth Secretter has a PO box where people can mail in cards. Solicited cards don't count as rejects!

3. At some point Stealth Secretter claims the OG Secretter left a post card telling him to knock off the theft. IF the OG were really trashing cards I'm sure he'd shred them first. According to YouTube he really believes in secrets!

Either way Reject Cards are posted on Wednesdays and way funnier than PostSecret has been lately. Either OG Secretter is taking his job too seriously or he's depressed. Maybe both :(


Jennifer said...

This is a really funny site. It says on the bottom of the page that he makes the cards, by the way.

Anny said...

What where?

Anny said...

You're so right, I totally skipped over that disclaimer. Please ignore all my previous blathering about why its not a real site ;)