Sunday, March 15, 2009

Trial Run Your Next Shoes

KathrynKerrigan.Com is a shoe website with an innovative idea:

Das Shoe Tube1. Customer orders shoe, supplies credit card info
2. Website mails one shoe
3. Customer approves of shoe, credit card is charged. Or shoe is considered lame and returned.

What do you think of this business model? On the one hand shoppers can order ten "pairs" of shoes and minimize home clutter while deciding. They haven't paid for any of the shoes so don't have to worry about getting creditted back for returns.

On the other hand - how does this benefit the website? They are still mailing out product and I assume they charge if the shoe is never returned (in case there are one footed women already scheming). This business model would require more employees as well. The best they can hope for is increased customer loyalty.

I wish there were a shoe site for people who have one foot a half size larger than the other. I bet Al Bundy would sell me a left 7 1/2 and right 8 pair of shoes :P


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-hmm, not sure on this, you can't really tell from one shoe if they will work for you or not!

Ethena said...

I guess it would depend on if you have a shoe with a similar heel to "match" while you walk around.