Tuesday, March 3, 2009

TMobile Unlimited Calling Plan

iPhone Trumps PracticalitySince Boost Mobile announced their $50 prepaid plan last week (unlimited calling, text messages, Web surfing and walkie-talkie service) the big cell carriers have been scrambling to compete.

Today I logged into my TMobile account and got an offer for unlimited nationwide calling for $49.99. Its a pretty good deal if you are a heavy voice chatterer and still riding out a contract but my limited calling plan is still better suited for my needs and wallet.

Plus big cell carriers have to tack on a bunch of fees and taxes. With Boost or MetroPCS ($40 a month for unlimited voice and texting with no contract in my area) you only have to deal with tax when refilling.

I've been with TMobile for eight years but I'm really tempted to jump ship. No one likes overpaying!

(Click on the comic to see a larger version - its worth it!)


Jennifer said...

I just switched to Metro PCS on the family plan, so I'm now paying $33 a month for unlimited calling and texts, where as I was paying almost $70 a month with T-mobile. Yay!

Anny said...

WOW $33! Its still $40 in the NYC tri-state area.

Were you able to use your old phone with the new service?

Jennifer said...

No, I got a newer crappier phone, but it was free with the first month of service and works fine.

Jennifer said...

No, that's not right. I had to buy the phone for $53 and the first month was free, so essentially, I had to pay $20 for the phone.

Also, it's $30 a month because it's a family plan with me, Paul and Paul's cousin. The extra $3 is for voicemail.