Monday, March 23, 2009

Thwarting Google

Google LegosEveryone loves the Wayback Machine and pointing out the internet isn't a safe repository. Between blogs, social networking and twitter there is a whole lot of embarrasing information out there.

Here are four damned good ideas for covering your on-line tracks from this month's Marie Claire:

1. Register Your Name URL - Be the first hit from a standard google search. Fill your site with pictures of yourself saving orphans from fires and talk about your great longing to be a great employee.

2. Buy Your Name as a Google Ad - This is something I'd never considered! Pay $5 for the "ad" set-up then a nickle every time someone googles you. Even if someone's using all the blocking plug-ins Firefox has to offer, Google will send you the ip address, frequency of searches and keywords associated with your name.

3. Hide Yourself - Immediately after the above suggestion they link to TOR, an anonymizer program devised by the Navy. They suggest matching TOR to the blocking plug-ins above.

4. De-Google Yourself - I didn't know this was an option! Google has a website removal tool that will have your info stricken from their cache. Since everyone googles these days this is a boon!


Anonymous said...

Good ideas, thanks!

Anny said...

Glad to help :)