Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ShopRite FTW

The road to diabetesI don't normally shop at ShopRite. PathMark is two minutes away and ShopRite is five times as far. Normally the two stores have comparable deals not worth the drive...but this week!

This week's best promotion is Buy $50 worth of P&G or Unilever products, Receive a $25 coupon towards your next order. I spent $36.11 on the stuff pictured above (after coupons) and got a $25 coupon off my next order. I accidentally spent $3 more than I needed because I found some cookie peelies at the last minute. Some people have the Mathematics down so they end up MAKING money off the deal but I prefer buying stuff I will eat even if it costs me a few extra few bucks.

And this is how single folk end up with ridiculously stocked pantries.