Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RIP Andy Hallett aka Lorne

I blame Lionel LutherAndy Hallett, the actor who played Lorne on Angel, died this Sunday of heart failure at the age of 33. I don't know anything about the actor beyond his ability to play an alien creature with compassion and panache but my condolences to his family.

No word yet on wether FOX was involved but I never put anything past them.


Jennifer said...

This is so so so sad. I saw him at Dragon Con two years ago and he was a riot. Actually, kind of arrogant but in a fun gay best friend kind of way. He was also wasted.

I read somewhere that he got heart disease from an infected tooth!

Anny said...

Seriously? WOW! I heard he'd been fighting this disease for five years...meaning when he was younger than us :(

So sad :(