Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review: Glade Sense & Spray

Default scent stinky, other's okGlade is really on a mission to make our homes smell good - in spite of our lethargic habits!

First came the spray, then plug-ins, then battery operated candles, then fancier plug-ins with cycling scents - and now they have Sense and Spray. Its a motion detecting air freshener.

I kid you not.

I'm a BzzAgent over at ... Every few months they mail us dandy new products to review and share. I like nice smelling houses so was thrilled to see this one.

Sadly Glade always defaults their scentmakers to the linen scent. Who wants a house that smells like Downy? Guests never walk in and say "My Anny, have you been laundering all day?" They say "Lay off the extra fabric softener, we're in a recession here!"

So even though I know all these linen scents are horribly overpowering, I set mine up in the bathroom this weekend and brother came out of the room with a runny nose and itchy eyes in spite of the device being on the floor. My little cousins all complained of the smell until I removed the batteries and chucked the scent vial. I guess family members can be allergic to the same smell.

Not to be deterred, the next day I swung by Walgreens for an apple spice refill ($3 paid with rebates gift card) and am pleased with the result. The device sprays every thirty minutes and when a shadow falls on its sensor. You can also press the button for an extra spray but that's overkill. I keep mine on the bathroom floor and my place smells like a baker's paradise (or hell depending on how much the individual likes their job).

I dig the battery operatedness. I have a battery surplus from last year's CVS Battery Hijinks and welcome all opportunities to go through them.

Word of Mouth Marketting FTWOverall its a great little device, as long as you replace the original scent (boo clean linen). It retails for about $10 but Walgreens has it on sale for $7.99 plus there is a $4 coupon in their Easy Saver Catalog. There was a RedPlum $4 coupon for it last month so you can combine to get the device for free. If you know me in real life I have three $4 coupons left from my BzzAgent packet. Dibs to whoever asks first.

Oh and if you sign up to be a BzzAgent (which you totally should cause its free and everyone loves reviewing stuff) feel free to say "ethenas" sent you. Whenever you review stuff or refer someone new they get points to receive stuff faster.


J. Money said...

huh...i actually thought their company name was "GLAD" as in happy, not GLADE. imagine that!

we use something similar but just w/ the auto. releaser from the gel stuff.....does this one make noise when it spouts out the stuff? i hate it when products do that.

Anny said...

Glad makes plastic baggies.

Yeah, first its whirs then it "poofs." I read a review where the woman placed it in a high traffic area and kept scaring herself when walking by. She must live alone in a very quiet house.