Monday, March 30, 2009

Pre-paid gift cards - Ugh

You know what I hate? When something isn't obviously a bad idea. Staples switched most of their "big ticket" rebates to Visa gift cards instead of checks and I've started collecting cards I don't know what to do with.

The problem lies in my credit card favoritism. Drugstore and grocery store shopping goes on the citicard for 3% cashback. AMEX gets office supply, gas and cellphone for the 5% cashback plus their gorgeous extended warranty.

So that means these disposable cards are best used on one time purchases that have no chance of being returned and don't need warranties. I can only think of car maintenance, stamps and dining out. I don't need furniture and am on a clothes shopping hiatus.

If the cards didn't have my name embossed and say "Rewards Card" on them I'd just pass them along on birthday and holidays.


Jennifer said...

Can you use them to pay utilities?

Anny said...

All my utilities are included in rent. My only bill is my cellphone and I like the 5% cashback :(

If I weren't about to cancel blockbuster I could use it for that I guess.