Friday, March 20, 2009

More Magazine

My dentist subscribes to three magazines: Runner, Men's Health and More. Maybe he gets them for free too. Anyway here are three laughworthy excerpts (and one bad cellcam picture) from the February 2009 issue:

2008's Hottest Fashions = 2009's Home Decor
Normally I'm all for repurposing items but this one is ridiculous. Mini skirts are flammable and stilletos lack drainage!

Two blatantly copied funny-blurbs:

New Frontiers in Revenge‏
A 43 year old Japanese woman was arrested for "murdering" her 33 year old "husband" in an online game after he divorced her without warning. (She hacked into his account to do the deed, police said.) That'll teach him not to mess with an avatar in virtual perimenopause.


Cougar in the Court
Three women have filed a $1 million lawsuit against the male-oriented cable network G4 for allegedly filming then at a club without their consent for a segment called The Great Cougar Hunt. Cable dudes, be more careful. If we're old enough to be called cougars, we're old enough to hire really good lawyers.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if I've finally found a use for those shoes that no longer fit or simply hurt my toes too much ;0)

Anny said...

Glad to have helped? ;)