Monday, March 2, 2009

Monthly Goals - the Harried Edition

I'm hoping March will be in like a lion, out like a lamb and full of cupcakes!I wish Harried referred to the Potter boy but sadly it describes my current state of mind - especially in relation to my new (catastrophically cluttered) digs.

Lets Recap February:

1. Move into new place at my own pace. The move finally ended around midnight on Saturday. Exhausted, pathetic Fail!
2. Find furniture. Success!
3. Swim not Drown! I haven't drowned but I can't swim.
4. Bottom Braces I don't want to talk about it
5. eBay & CG Success
6. Eat through Pantry I made Ground Turkey Surprise about five times - Major Success!
7. Keep gaining weight I think I'm at my desired weight. Its hard to tell without a scale but I feel good.

What about March?
1. Buy groceries - take out and leftover Valentine's candy will lead to stomach aches and death!

2. Set up internet - Surfing on a mobile phone is so passe

3. Float - While I haven't drowned in swimming class, I haven't managed to stay off the bottom of the pool without floatation devices either ;)

4. Throw brother Speed Racer birthday party - The kid is turning 26(!), has been married over three years and parents the World's Cutest Baby. The only way to celebrate involves paper hats and cakes with cartoon characters on them!

5. Hurry up and wait - I'm waiting on a lot of stuff this month. Unemployment appointments, teeth stuff, family stuff, etc.

Patience is March's preferred virtue. Five goals is plenty for this month, I'm too exhausted for more than that!