Friday, March 6, 2009

Mi Casa

So they say the three most stressful events in a person's life are death, divorce and moving. I'm no expert but have to wonder what it means that I willingly subject myself to the third yearly ;)

The internet is finally set-up, I have food beyond chips and chocolate (great for that time of the month but not very balanced) and everything is either unpacked or stored in the basement. Two of three goals accomplished!

Some people juggle geese, I move a lot
Things I learned this move around:

1. Craigslist is amazing
I bought my dresser, headboard and nightstands from a seller and then posted a Help Wanted to find someone to bring the stuff to my new place. I looked under "Furniture by Store" and picked out my new sleeping arrangements (cause used mattresses? ick). I also sold and gave away a bunch of stuff that would have been too heavy (or too last minute) for eBay. Who knew people wanted adult diapers?

2. People will stop at a garage sale in February
Last Friday the sun was shining and I ditched my coat as soon as I left the house. This called for an Impromptu Garage Sale! I made $150 in about three hours and eliminated a lot of stuff I did not need to bring to the new place. Unfortunately on the actual moving day it was again in the 30s so there was no Garage Sale part deux.

3. I own a lot of crap
In spite of all the 2008 garage sales, the last minute Friday sale and Craigslist I still own more items than I want to think about. This move involved about seven carloads of stuff. Seven. I have no justification and need to stop thinking about Future Home and things Future Anny wants. Present Anny is sick of all this junk and has made the basement look like a storage unit instead of a laundry room. I am predicting Major Garage Sales in 2009.

My issue with junk is twofold. I hate throwing away useful stuff (the free section on Craigslist is great for this) and I hate selling stuff which may be useful in the future.

But anyway...this is my overly long (yet happy) post from the newest digs. I really love this place and hope to stay here a long know at least a year ;)


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-big congrats on the successful move and well done on the garage sale, a fabulous result!!