Thursday, March 19, 2009

Its Always Something :)

Oh Caesar, You Minx!So the pool tonight was FREEZING! I got in and did my customary "tooth chatter" dance while warming up. Turns out teeth chattering while in new braces is a bad idea! I quickly decided to tough it out with a clenched jaw LOL

I'm still not chewing like a "normal" person. I've been defaulting to soft bread, pasta and soggy Cinnamon Toast Crunch (paradigm of health, this one). Although I had a caesar salad before dinner today. Since I'm being a bottom braces wuss I barely chewed any of the lettuce before swallowing. This laziness paid off because for the first time in four months I didn't have to pick lettuce out of my top braces post-salad - SCORE!

Of course its all fun and laziness until someone chokes on lettuce and their sibling documents it for YouTube