Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Graphic Design? Don't Bother

Cute yet Dangerous!Every once in a while I try putting my graphic design certificate to use. I pop open Photoshop, load some images, tinker for a while, then shut down and go make a sandwich. I really like sandwiches.

Check out that image above. Its my niece trying to grab the Christmas tree from her walker. Cute huh? Those filters must have taken me AT LEAST ten minutes to perfect, right?


BeFunky allows you to upload a picture and select what filter to apply. There are your standard Warhol and cartoon filters plus some cooler, grungy ones.

If I hadn't just perfected my home's photo gallery I'd be tempted to print a series of pictures with the same effect, matte them in white and toss them in a black frame. Since my picture frames are already filled I'm going to make a sandwich instead.