Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Could I ditch all my Media?

I love Diesel SweetiesFrugal Bachelor had an excellent post this Monday - Singing the Sweet Praises of Book Freedom. He's boxxed up all his books and donated them (of course the cheaper way would be loading them into grocery bags and posting them in craigslist's free section).

Getting rid of books is a fabulous idea. When I was a kid I had hundreds of them (I'm not kidding - there was a list) but my family was planning to retire to the Dominican Republic at the end of my seventh grade. My sixth grade counterpart packed up all her books, sent them off to another country and didn't open those boxes for over fifteen years. By then I had no interest in the Hardy Boys so I kept one book (My Sister Eileen) and told my parents to give the rest away.

I wish I could say I didn't acquire any books since then but sadly there is a three shelf bookshelf in a relative's home which says otherwise. In fact, I didn't stop acquiring books until I started living on my own. My reasons were simple - books are heavy and their contents easily located on-line or at the library.

So I'm all for blog solidarity on the "Ditch Books Brigade" but FB says his next cleaning goals include cds and dvds. *shudder*

Cds are easy - convert them to .mp3s and burn them on one dvd. Then garage sale the actual disks. Even if you lose or damage the dvd of music, finding the songs again should be a piece of cake on-line.


I understand that dvds are fool's gold carrying a personal rather than real value. I've pared down my collection and stopped buying new ones but ditching ALL of them makes me cringe.

I have a friend who moved 2/3s across the country in one car. He took his entire dvd collection, chucked all the packaging and stuck the disks in a cd binder. I don't think I could even do that.

Why is being a minimalist SO HARD?