Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cash4Gold Haggling

Cash4Gold already called dibs on his gold fillingsWe've seen the commercials, heard the ads and all know Cash4Gold is a huge scam. But since I'm waiting for an epic downfall I keep clicking on stories that mention them.

In this one our Dashing Reporter takes old jewelry to a pawn shop and is offered $198 for the lot. He mails the same stuff to Cash4Gold and they offer $60. Customers have the option of rejecting the offer so he calls and well let him tell it:

"First, if you call Cash4Gold and ask for your stuff back, you abruptly get a better offer: In the case of the above experiment, the offer was a whopping $178. That's a better deal, but still not market rate, though the caller was told that Cash4Gold could "manipulate the numbers on their end" to make it appear that more product was sent than was in reality." from Beware Cash4Gold and other gold-buying ripoffs

Click on the link if you enjoy shaking your head in amazement!


Anonymous said...

I have read the story as well the person was far from a reporter he was a friend of a prankster blogger, This blogger also sent in fake gold to and bragged when he got a dollar for scamming them that is called fraud. I am taking no sides just stating fact. Fair is Fair!

Anny said...

I also read that Cash4Gold actively scours the internet finding stories related to their crappy service.

I call Shenanigans on this comment!