Sunday, March 22, 2009

Apparently I Like Metal

Hello Geek Cred!A red swingline used to be all the geek cred a girl needed. Now we need red swinglines AND stainless steel refillable Sharpies. At $6.99, I feel a treasured family heirloom coming on!

Cute and useless. Insert your own blonde jokeHow cute is this golden egg piggy bank? Somewhere in my storage boxes is a piggy bank. Its kinda/sorta filled with foreign coins and...shaped like a pig. It doesn't have a house or ANY tie-in to childhood stories. Its just a cute receptacle.

Now this Golden Egg bank is adorable, shiny and ... made of porcelain? $20 for a porcelain bank that can roll is ridiculous. Its also tiny and impractical. So potential coolness thwarted by crappy material.


N. Roberts said...

Anny - I work with Sharpie and wanted to let you know that the Stainless Steel Sharpie is $6.99, refills are $1.99. The new marker from Sharpie is currently available on If you're interested in a sample, let me know how I can contact you . Cheers!

Anny said...

That would be great! You can e-mail me at