Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a third of Leisure

Geeker MeditationI was laid off from my main job today:

NEW YORK (AP) _ Liz Claiborne Inc. said Tuesday that it will eliminate about 725 jobs, or 8 percent of its U.S. work force, as it looks to cut costs amid tightened consumer discretionary spending. Source

I'm not worried. I have a ridiculously large emergency fund and could probably live a few years without working any job. I already had plans in motion to move into a cheaper place on March 1, the car has long since been paid off and I didn't buy a house.

Plus it doesn't hurt that I have 3-4 side jobs that provide quasi-steady income. If worst comes to worst I can substitute teach every few weeks too.

I have two weeks left then I'm going to sleep until noon daily!


Jennifer said...

Welcome to the club! It's a good place to visit, but you wouldn't want to live here...

Anny said...

Ha! Duly noted :D