Thursday, February 12, 2009

Like Harry Potter but Better!

Gorgeous!My, isn't that a lovely sideboard? Its handcrafted from secrets! The only way to get those side panels open is to link two decorative door knockers from another hallway, form a crank and insert it into the panels. Once opened there are about thirty keys hanging in one side and thirty keyholes on the other. Sort that mess out and a hidden drawer slides out the bottom!

Unhand that frame!You have to read this story and watch the slideshow in order to believe such a place doesn't exist on a soundstage.

The whole place comes with a book, its own musical score and unbelievable aesthetics. According to the story it only cost $300/square foot to build because so many people worked on it for free. A year after the family moved in place they received their first "clue" in the mail and started their apartment treasure hunt.

Unbelievable what money can buy eh?

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Wow. What an amazing idea!!