Monday, February 2, 2009

Shortest Month Goals

No one here is Canadian right?
January Recap:
1. Sign up for swimming lessons - Done and paid for
2. Not hurt myself bellydancing - I screwed up the date and classes start in February so technically I didn't hurt myself. Check?
3. Sponsor Child - Done
4. Buy cd - Emigrant Direct savings has great interest right now so I just gave them cash instead
5. eBay - Check
6. Allow wisdom teeth to be pulled - THANKFULLY DONE
7. Get bottom braces - Wisdom teeth trauma led to postponement
8. Fontasize - I forgot!
9. Get taxes done - Done
10. Gym Trial - I went almost daily before work - it kicked ass!

February Goals:
1. Move into new place at my own pace. The last time I moved a well-intentioned person helped and it created so much stress. I move slowly and prefer doing this alone.
2. Find furniture. Have you guys checked out Craigslist lately? I am constantly redecorating empty space in my head using that day's "for sale" items. I'm holding off on actual purchasing until the end of the month though.
3. Swim not Drown! Class starts this month!
4. Bottom Braces - February 11th
5. eBay & CG - I don't want to move all this stuff I won't need. Consequently my Roomba is for sale :(
6. Eat through Pantry - I'm not buying non-perishables this month so once the potatoes are gone I'm going to start working through all that rice :( I will continue buying milk, fruit and eggs though.
7. Keep gaining weight - I gained four pounds last month!

Seven goals seems like plenty. After all its a short month, I have work deadlines and a move to contend with. My main focus this month is minimizing what comes with me to the new place.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-good luck on all the goals, fingers crossed they will be acheivable for you!!