Wednesday, February 18, 2009

on Budgets and Unemployment

Last night I created a gorgeous spreadsheet where I listed all of my monthly expenses and when I expected to incur extra ones (new furniture now, oil change in July, fancy hair appointment in April, dentist cleaning in July, etc). I'm ridiculously low maintenance so the budget predicts I need $26,670 under idealized circumstances ($5000 roth contribution, another $5000 for lasik eye surgery). My expected income based on ongoing projects and money owed from previous projects is $16,800. Technically, if I didn't save anything for the rest of 2009 or get eye surgery I wouldn't need to touch a penny of savings or get a real job until 2010.


I realized I am eligible for unemployment - in spite of having savings and doing side work.

I wish I could say this triggered a vacation addition to my budget but I already had two trips outside of the country factored in. Applying for unemployment in NJ was ridiculously simple. I input my license number on page two and it pulled up previous employers and asked if I was currently working (of course I said yes and listed my two on-going outside contractor gigs - see 16k above). It then calculated how much I would receive weekly (75% of my previous salary) and for how long (six months).

I was pretty excited about that and immediately started considering schools to get a Masters in BUT THEN

I saw all the employment-type courses I should be able to take for FREE now! This spurred a flurry of text messages as each page made me even more excited. I LOVE SCHOOL! Right now I am torn between the job track which would benefit me in the future but I can't envision myself actually working in (Accounting) or the one that would thrill me daily and I would love to work in (Culinary Arts). I am going to the office tomorrow to get more information as I imagine the backlog for both tracks is tremendous.

Today was an awesome day :)


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-wow, it sounds like some great opportunities are heading your way, good luck!