Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nurture: 2, Nature: 0

they retooled Angel Inc!Is it me or is Dollhouse a fancy prostitution ring operating out of a knock-off Angel Inc? I love Joss and am glad to see Eliza employed again but this implanted social engineering is starting to grate.

So far we've seen her go on a few dates, unsuccessfully negotiate a kidnapped victim's retrieval and wander around dazedly when unprogrammed. I get that sex sells but damn - are there any rich women on this show who need to hire Echo? Is anyone willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money and not have sex with her? So far I'm seeing a lot of rich men getting their rocks off with their idealized, uncomplicated woman (complete with vanishing at the end of their date).

The only client who didn't seem to request her specifically (the father who wanted his daughter returned last week) was off-put by her beauty and wanted someone who looked more serious to do the job. So even when clients aren't requesting sex, the company is delivering it in form flattering suits and decolletage. Frankly I don't blame the father. He spends (we're told) a ridiculous amount of money and wants someone with a hundred years of experience, instead he gets someone who appears to be in her early 20s with plenty of bravado. Also the idea of sending a young white woman to retrieve a successful (apparently single) hispanic man's daughter? First his daughter is kidnapped from home and then his machismo is threatened. Oh then he got shot...something tells me that story won't make it into the company newsletter.

Speaking of brightest ideas - Echo was imprinted with the psyche of an abused woman who committed suicide. I'm not disavowing her past as a source of direction but the original KILLED HERSELF and no one seemed to know! If Echo is as highly valued as the bosslady implies, it seems they would take better care of what they imprint her with. You wouldn't store used car oil in your grandmother's wedding china.

This is the kind of stuff any old intern would pick up. Remember Neil Patrick Harris' internship in Undercover Brother? I say they reprise his role and bring him unto Dollhouse to be the voice of reason and research!

Only Joss would attempt to flaw someone so beautifulYesterday's episode was much better because it revealed Alpha; a rogue implantee with ninja skills. I approve. We also got to see Generic Cop getting a lead on Echo and the dollhouse that didn't involve molesting men in bathrooms. Thumbs up. We saw Topher (I bet this guy is modelled after Joss) put down by Echo's guard and later say "sweet, sweet man love" which made me giggle.

I guess I like stories with more exposition and backstory than plain, old action. I liked seeing Boyd won over to caring for Echo and her capacity instead of being disdainful of her emptiness.


Eliza's acting is perfect for this show. I know I've been critical of it before but in this instance she's perfect for the role. When she's stunted she reminds me of Summer Glau, when she's faltering its a straight rip off of Sarah Michelle Gellar, when she's wandering around lost its Buffy with brain damage. Eliza's acting on other shows has always reminded me of other people's acting but in this case it works because we've never seen her be herself.

Well this is long winded and highly antagonistic. I will keep watching cause...well Joss...and I really did enjoy yesterday's episode. I have high hopes for this show :)


Anonymous said...

No clue what this is, but love those hardwood floors.

Nesting perahaps? Oh. yes. I. am.

Jennifer said...

I'm not watching. I hated Buffy at first. I actually liked the movie, was excited about the show, watched it, hated it and wrote it off. Eight years later, my husband borrow Season 7 from someone and I decided to give it another shot. Watched all of Season 7 in two days and then started the series over. Hated season 1 and barely made it through it.

I also started watching Angel around this time, which was in Season 5. Loved it. Bought season 1 and hated it.

The moral of the story is that I know that if I'd started either of those shows in the first season, I would not have liked them. I can only assume the same would be true of Dollhouse. Therefore, I'm waiting until season 3 comes out on DVD and then I'll start there. Haha. Makes no sense, I know, but it's a theory.

Also, I hated Firefly, had no idea who Joss Whedon was at the time, but I worked for Fox and we seriously made fun of how stupid the show was. I can hardly believe it now because I freaking love that show.

Anny said...

ME TOO! I hated Firefly SO MUCH! I was pissed that Joss was splitting himself in three directions and ending BtVS. Then Angel got cancelled...and well I blamed those Browncoats for years.

Then an ex picked up the dvds, we watched ep 1 on New Year's Eve and well...paused the show to watch the ball drop. LOL

I hated BtVS season one too but got into it during season two then became a ridiculously large fan. Angel will always be better though.

Dollhouse can tell Joss doesn't do all the writing. His lines are snuck in and you chuckle or gasp but a lot of it just doesn't feel like his work. I'm mad they let his brother Jed write for the show - his stuff is average funny. Like if he were my friend I'd think he was hilarious...but he's not on tv show standards.