Friday, February 13, 2009

Joss <3 Us!

Look at who's employed now Mom!
Dear Joss,

Happy pre-Valentine's Day! I know you disdain love but today is such a wonderful day that I can't contain myself!

I heard your NPR interview #1 and interview #2 and am thrilled to see you thinking away to entertain and provoke your fans. *sigh*

I have high hopes for Dollhouse and can't wait to resume our fanned/fangirl relationship.

Yours Always,

from interview #1:
Lyden points out one of the uncomfortable aspects of the premise is that Echo "doesn't really have a choice about who she's sleeping with … it isn't consensual."

Whedon agrees. "I'm not saying that nonconsensual sex is ever OK. This is, after all, a science fiction show."

He says the show also brings up questions about the different ways American audiences respond to sex and violence.

"Nobody says, if somebody puts a gun in her hand and she shoots someone, isn't that just as bad for a person as a sexual act that is not in any way physically harmful? Some people would argue it's not the same question, but for me, I think it is part of the same question."