Tuesday, February 3, 2009

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So I've been laid off for a few hours and have decided upon jobs I would like next. Normally I get sucked into a job by well meaning folk and then stick around.

Not this time!

The temp agency called for my resume and said they may have something in their web development office. I told her I'm not really interested in web development. That's side work and I know doing it full time would lead to my burning out.

I forwarded the resume and here's part of the e-mail I sent the lady:

I'd be interested in any type of design work but especially print media. The ideal job would be working for a print publication such as a newspaper, magazine or newsletter. I have plenty of experience with web design and photography. Salary isn't really an issue if the job will help me acquire new skills or the ability to improve old ones!

Other than that my interests are pretty broad. I'd be interested in anything pertaining to personal finance or catering since they're both areas I would love to improve on! I figure this is the perfect time to do it.

Distance isn't really an issue since I move frequently and never mind relocating for a job.

So I'm not too concerned. Like I said - money and location aren't really an issue right now. Catering pays crap but I know I'd enjoy it and hopefully learn tons too! I also inquired about working for H&R Block and Jackson Hewlett at their websites. I only wish this lay-off happened in December so I'd have had a shot at doing taxes this season :(

The worst case scenario would involve me loafing around the house watching dvds and eating brownies with short gym breaks. It'd be like being a kept woman...except my keeper would be Past Anny :D


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-very best of luck on the job front, hope something comes up that is enjoyable and fulfilling for you. I work in catering in a high school, the pay is extremely crap, but I enjoy the job (except today when I got pelted with snowballs by the kids!!) and I get school holidays too. like you say, money isn't everything.

QL girl said...

Its awesome that you're taking this time to refocus yourself. Well-heeled actually had a post related to this recently...being laid-off is the best time for someone to do something they've always wanted to do since there's less risk involved.

Good luck, and I hope you find an opportunity that interests you!

Anonymous said...

I hope you find just what you are looking for!