Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Its a Slothful Life

I am counting today as Day 1 of Unemployment since I would have had yesterday off anyway. My unemployment mindset kicked in Saturday and its been slothful since.

I've finished three books Running with Scissors (disturbingly gross), Dreams from my Father (surprisingly candid) and Sin City's Heaven or Hell (at times made me feel like a dirty old woman). I also watched The Illusionist (they give too many clues to the ending), cooked a few meals (from scratch!), hit up the library and plan to make cookies tonight (not from scratch).

Surprisingly there has been headway into actual productivity: I secured furniture and am in the process of getting it to my new digs (ie: posting a want ad on craigslist) and worked on the layout for the school paper.

I did have a minor panic moment when checking my bank accounts early today (because of eBay, side work and rebate checks I check up every business day). Its sobering to consider the largest course of dependable income will dry up Thursday. Luckily I pushed down the greed, drafted a revised mental budget and came to my senses soon enough.

Overall its been really calm around Chez Anny the last few days as I try not to overly rush this unemployment thing. My practical side believes all good things are abbreviated so I should binge on as much time consuming stuff as possible before resuming work.

Of course she's discounting the current economy and the fact that in order to get roped into work one must first apply for employment ;)


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-hopefully things will turn around soon, take care my dear.