Monday, February 9, 2009

I'll Be Clearer Next Time

Remember last week's e-mail to Temp Lady where I said commuting distance wasn't really an issue? I should have been clearer about staying in NJ because today she e-mailed asking if I'm willing to commute to New York.

A world of NO!

Granted, I live in North Bergen and it takes about thirty minutes to get from my front steps to Port Authority in NY. This is great if I want to concert, see a show or watch harried folk.

Yet if I had to deal with commuting, rushed sidewalks, overpriced lunches and the general pollution of the city on a daily basis I would develop high blood pressure within months.

My mental health is worth more than any job ;)


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I don't blame you, I'm so pleased I don't work in the City or Central London, too stressful indeed!

Anonymous said...

I was lost as soon as you said NY. Working there & commuting so different to simply walking through Central Park, ending up at bakeries, sitting sipping wine in niches you find scattered throughout. Can I go back? I do love it so.