Monday, February 9, 2009

Hey that's My Store!

I Love You CVSI've been couponning and stockpiling stuff for years. The first time I admitted to an addiction was when I was around 25 years old and moving (yes, I move a lot). I packed thirteen unopened tubes of toothpaste.

Thirteen. Tubes. For a girl who lived on her own and had two more teeth than I have today.

Now thanks to the recession, websites that break down every deal, the readiness of internet printable coupons and the media's focus on saving money couponing is hip! Frugal Bachelor says its a sign of the times when white folk shop at ethnic stores. I say its a sign of the times when everyone is carrying around a coupon binder ;)

MoneyMate Kate seems to have recently started couponing in earnest. (FYI: I consider earnest couponing when coupons are purchased or traded for.) Its a lot of fun to read about her deals and excitement but I just lack the energy to pursue deals as aggressively as I used to.

For one - I lack the storage space needed to stock stuff. I have ten bottles of Listerine in a trunk at the end of my bed. USPS frowns on mailing liquids so eBay is out, my friends and family have a Listerine surplus and garage sale season is months away. Until then I'm giving up precious storage space to ... Listerine when I use ACT on the dentist's advice.

My second reason can use the same illustration - if neither I nor someone I love can use the stuff I won't get it. There is no reason to get energy shot drinks if no one I know will risk heart damage for a temporary energy boost!

Third - everything in moderation! Does a girl need thirteen tubes of toothpaste? No. Can she get them? Yes. Should she? No ;)

Fourth - all rules are disregarded if a coupon makes a purchase a money maker. This leads to adult Serenity diaper donations and a SoyJoy surplus but I am incapable of turning down a money maker deal.

Today's purchases:
Rite Aid:
Durex free after rebate PLUS $2 coupon from today's paper
Garnier Styler free after rebate PLUS $1 coupon from today's paper

Cough Drops - free with ecb coupon
Mouthwash - free with ecb coupon

Gilette Razor - free after $4 coupon from today's paper and Register Rewards

I really do try to live a life with less **stuff** but this is how a girl ends up with excess!


Anonymous said...

My mum is a bit like that, she really stocks up on toilet roll, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo etc.

We don't have coupons here like you do in North America, so it is quite different. I don't really stock up on anything at the moment, but if we had basements here I would probably get a small stockpile of food (1-3 months) Simply not possible in my housing situation at the moment!