Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wisdom Teeth Horror

Sad Wisdom ToothPlease don't read this if you're squeamish or need to have teeth pulled!

So ironically after putting off the tooth extraction for almost a year I had a worse experience than just about anyone else Dr. Google linked me to. Luckily I don't live in medieval times so darwinism won't get me this time!

My appointment was at five and should have taken approximately half an hour. I was taken in, the area was numbed and Novocaine injected. I relaxed and figured the worst was over. Two hours later I was a nervous wreck!

The first sign something was wrong was when I started bleeding all over as he made the first incision to get rid of gum over the impacted tooth. I'd forgotten my sickle cell and its propensity to make me overbleed and I guess he didn't see it on my charts. So a lot of suctioning later we were ready...again.

He started in with his tools then stopped to recheck my x-rays. Turns out that part of my tooth was twisted like a plant root in a small container. Unfortunately it was twisted all the way around so perfectly that on the x-ray it looked like it was a perfectly smooth surface.

So he got a tiny drill and proceeded to cut the tooth into pieces that could be individually extracted. This was always my huge fear about tooth extraction - that I would feel tools gripping pieces of tooth and cracking inside my mouth. I closed my eyes, scrunched my belly and somehow got through it.

By then almost an hour had gone by and he asked if I wanted to return for the other tooth another day. No way! I was getting it over with!

Unfortunately in that hour the Novocaine in the other side of my mouth had started to wear off. By the time he'd realized the tooth was also twisted and would need to be cut I was a nervous wreck. I felt the drill go into the tooth, smelled the bone and my blood and started to cry.

Yeah I'm a huge wuss.

So I got more Novocaine, a few minutes to let it settle down and he went back in. The next hour blurred by as he somehow got that tooth out too. I looked at the pieces in the tray - mangled twisted deformities that should have never existed.

So because of all the cutting - he says he didn't go into the bone just the tooth - I got a ridiculously (IMO) high dosage of antibiotics and some percocet. I really hate taking medications but the one I took last night had me mellow and sleepy in minutes. There was plenty of expected bleeding last night and during the night. This morning I took another percocet around 7am and slept until 1.

The dentist called around 1 to check up on my temperature, swelling, pain levels and reaction to the meds. He also reminded me to eat and exercise my jaw. Apparently small amounts of pain causes patients to stop fully opening their mouths and this leads to lockjaw? He also gave me more food and medication advice and reminded me to get my stitches removed next Tuesday.

So overall it was a horrible experience but my dentist was wonderfully caring and supportive throughout. My jaw feels sore instead of actually painful and my ears feel like I'm about to get an ear infection but its nothing intolerable. I'm going to see how long I can go without taking pain meds or if I can use an otc remedy instead.

For now I'm going to have soup and call out tomorrow too.


Jennifer said...

Oh Yikes! I'm so sorry!

When I had my wisdom teeth removed, they used nitrus, so it was kind of like a party and I didn't feel anything, except silly.

I love pain killers. Like to an unhealthy level. I've careful not to ever try to procur them illegally as it might lead to an addiction, but anytime I have a legit reason to take them, I really enjoy it.

Kelly said...

Bleh. I guess you had reason to be worried. Bet you're glad it's over though. Has your face swelled up? I had all 4 of mine removed when I was a teen and I looked like a chipmunk. BTW, I remember that the dentist I went to then usually put people to sleep for wisdom tooth extraction. Guess yours doesn't (or maybe that's just for kids)? They didn't put me to sleep because of my asthma, but heavily drugged me with some kind of tranquilizer. It made me cry. Not because it hurt or I was sad or anything, I just couldn't stop sobbing. LOL

Anny said...

Hey Jennifer :)

I didn't feel anything besides the point where the stuff started wearing off - which of course sucked! How do you feel after taking pain killers? I always justs feel really sleepy. The first day I felt slightly loopy but the others I've taken just make me want to nap for a few hours.

Anny said...

Hey Kelly,

God yes I'm glad its over!!! I am so grateful the top ones don't need to come out too! I tried finding someone to put me to sleep for the procedure since I was so freaked out but couldn't find someone locally. After hearing 100% of the people I know who've had them removed say they did it while awake I decided to just go for it.

My jaw is a little swollen but not enough for anyone to do a double take. I iced it pretty well the first night.