Wednesday, January 21, 2009

VS Candy, Baby Lotion Disappointing

VS lotion has no staying powerYeah, I should know better than to buy lotion from Victoria's Secret. Their scents have no lasting power - which is a blessing when you start visiting the citrus spectrum of the counter.

I made the mistake of buying their new Beauty Rush - Candy, Baby lotion earlier this month. I'd tried it in store and couldn't stop sniffing my hand so figured it was best to procure a tube before being kicked out of the store.

It does what lotion is supposed to do - my hands are hydrated and ready for winter. However they only smell like candy for about an hour after application. At first I figured I was just becoming accustomed to the smell but others I've asked don't smell anything either.

From now on I stick to Ellen Tracy or Dove ProAge. Those hydrate AND scent - plus I need to empty and throw away some of these bottles before my move :P