Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Teeth Again

My dentist isn't a bad guySo I had my wisdom teeth stitches removed yesterday. There wasn't any discomfort; it felt like someone pinched me for half a second. The right side is almost completely healed but the left is moving along slowly. Turns out that hole was larger so stealth food was impeding healing. I'm being way more careful now. Thankfully I still have a few days of anti-biotics left too.

I had my third braces appointment today and we were reviewing "before" pictures. My goodness what a difference! When I first got the braces I was self-conscious because the metal wire didn't go straight across like other people's. Since then the braces have actually PULLED DOWN my side teeth so they're even with the front teeth - something I didn't even realize was an issue! The wire goes straight across now :D

I say it every month but I love my braces. The self-confidence that comes with a nicer smile is overwhelming. For so many years I didn't take braces seriously because I didn't expect them to work for me. Braces were a last resort and if they failed all hope was truly gone. Luckily my pessimist was wrong this time!

Also, I kept hearing about braces fetishes and figured someone was making bad jokes. Sadly I've come across people who seem only interested in me for my braces...and probably not because they acknowledge what a sound financial decision they were :O


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-so pleased they have made a difference for you, a real wise investment.