Friday, January 30, 2009

Staples Ink Cartridge Program Revamped

I love you StaplesStaples keeps changing their ink cartridge program. They used to give $3 in store credit for every cartridge recycled. Then they started limiting brands accepted. Then they started out sending quarterly checks instead of issuing immediate vouchers!

That's when I stopped recycling.

I was checking out next week's circular and it says they will accept up to ten cartridges - including brands they didn't accept before! In exchange you get $3 towards any store purchase per cartridge. I'm assuming they will mail a $30 check at the end of the quarter.

Time to start stockpiling cartridges at work! $30 at Staples will buy me a bookcase for the new place :D


Jennifer said...

Oh, I'm all over this one! I have TONS a ink carteridges that I've been meaning to give to Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International's recycling program, but I could use some Staples money. Maybe I'll buy more ink that I'll recycle through DFGFI when they are empty. :)

Anny said...

I love Staples! People think its just papers and office supplies but there is so much stuff there for the home!