Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pre-Extraction Edition

Toothfairy from Darkness FallsI'm scheduled to have two wisdom teeth extracted today. I've been putting it off since last spring and am absolutely terrified.

You know how kids will have nightmares featuring technicolor monsters under their beds? I had dreams about teeth extractions. In these dreams the gripped tooth would crumble under the instrument. I'd feel the crack and implosion before the dentist would have to fish out individual shards.

Of course now that I'm older and less afraid my pain focus has shifted from fear of crumbled teeth to fear of dry sockets. I'm not sure how I will feed myself if my front teeth are braced and lousy chewers.

I suppose we'll see if being afraid of something is sufficient reason to do it ;)


Jennifer said...

Just drug yourself into oblivion and enjoy the ride!