Sunday, January 4, 2009

PostSecret 2009 Edition

Huzzah 2009
This week's secrets.

Hrm maybe next month's goals should include my posting this list on the first of the month instead of the fourth. Last month I had five vague goals lined up, mostly because I was ending the most depressing month. I swear my biography should be called "The Bleakest November" or something as vaguely gothic. If its published while I'm still around it should include a disclaimer to stay away from me during November or risk being sucked right along into depression mode.

Anyway December Goals:
1. Buy CD - Done
2. Something arty? - Done
3. eBay - Done
4. Visit old friends - Done
5. Plan a trip - Vaguely described, no reservations or anything made

January Goals:
1. Sign up for swimming lessons on Tuesday - EVERYONE who has ever promised to teach me to swim has either moved or ceased being a friend shortly after. Hopefully the teacher doesn't quit before I show up ;)
2. Not hurt myself bellydancing - I start this month!
3. Sponsor Child - They're all cute, just pick one already!
4. Buy cd - Yeah I keep sneaking that in.
5. eBay - I'm SO CLOSE to Power Seller status! Time to start describing stuff as excellent VDay gifts.
6. Allow wisdom teeth to be pulled - I'm terrified of this but have set an appointment and will definitely NOT be cancelling!
7. Get bottom braces - My top ones are amazing! I should have done this years ago.
8. Fontasize - Create font based on my handwriting. Call it RandomAnny. Laugh :D
9. Get taxes done - Make list of expenditures and call for appointment as soon as all 1099s and w2s are accounted for.
10. Gym Trial - The nearby gym is open 24 hours a day and sent over a trial coupon. I haven't been to a gym for at least five years and think it will be fun :D

Bonus Goal:
Cook more! I gained a lovely amount of weight last month and am planning a fairly energetic January. I have to remember to eat enough to sustain all that movement!


Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

What a great list and I love love love the picture.

Anny said...

Thanks :)

Good luck with your goals too!