Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pepsi Towers - Must be January!

OCD required
I heart CVSIf you've been in a PathMark within the past few weeks you've doubtlessly been treated to a display like the one above. Rebaters know its time for the traditional Pepsi/Tostitos rebate. Back in my day they used to mail $15 checks for buying participating products but now they've changed their policy to mailing coupons. Last year I held unto mine until Independence Day and nabbed some free soda (carbonation lasts a long time around me).

Anyway CVS gives you a $10 ecb if you purchase $20 worth of the stuff (front page of this week's circular). Last week I bought Pepsi and Tostitos.

This week I decided to stock up on SOBE life water in strawberry kiwi (great for the gym). Here's my mathematics:

16 bottles - 16 x 1.25 = 20.00
16 .40 coupons = 6.40
20 - 6.40 = 13.60 with a $10 ECB
Total = .23 cents a bottle

Of course I paid with older ECBs so my total with tax was .47 (on a money card, natch). In case you can't tell in my picture below, those are Sobe bottles with coupons attached to their caps. All my neighborhood stores had coupons on their bottles.
Dee-Licious Sobe Life Water