Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh Crap, I'm on Friendster

Its no secret that I'm against social networking sites. Its also no secret that I love beta testing new sites and programs. This leads to all types of akward explanations when old information comes to light.

I have a friendster page. Looks like I signed up for the damned thing in December 2003 and promptly forgot about it.

Then I ran across this article: Five Best People-Search Engines and went in to make sure I am relatively untrackable on-line. Here's the result of my vanity searching:

Pipl - Immediately turned up MySpace and friendster. The MS picture is from far away and I'm wearing shades so I could be anyone.

Spock - Only pulled up an amazon review from 2002. I'm surprised more of these search engines don't poll amazon.

123 People - Friendster, MySpace and archived pictures from both. *shudder* I also got a link from Ryan's website and a wedding registry created for freebies. I'd say this was the most thorough of the bunch - although if you really care about amazon reviews visit Spock.


MoneyMateKate said...

Oh wow...I just searched my email/website handle on that 123 site and found a nice review from one of my massage clients. Strangely, it missed out a lot of info on what I thought were more noteworthy websites.

I'm also very anti-social networking sites -- what a time-suck, y'know? I get all the interaction I want from blogging and have even met folks in real life.

Anny said...

That's really cool! I've met people from on-line gaming before but never MS. Even the friend requests there are skeevy.