Saturday, January 10, 2009

Is it Vanity or Maintenance?

Time consuming but lovelyStacking Pennies recently posted on the cost of hair care in LA. I spent $130 on Thursday on my hair then got my nails done so the cost of vanity has been on my mind lately.

I hate the process and cost but adore having long, useful nails. Every once in a while I try to talk myself into regressing to short, useless nails but can't do it. At $80 a month maintaining them is a significant portion of my monthly spending.

The hair care is a much less frequent splurge. My hair is the longest its ever been (waist length!) so the $130 included a full dye job, trim, wash and dry. Its lovely and not something I do often so easily justifiable.

So far I've spent more this year than I've earned! Luckily my vacation paycheck will be lumped into this week's pay :)