Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm sorry, Brad Pitt

American Express can give a better indication of our identity than any job title. In the past there were limited job choices - if you go far enough into the past there was no choice. These days we have a motley if we're willing to study and subject ourselves to repetition in the pursuit of perfection.

I love old school clip artWe don't expect jobs to become lifelong professions like they did in the fifties. No one is aspiring to an engraved watch. We're scouring ads, listening to what others do for a living, seeking out different situations and experiences.

We skip from job to job often enough that an identity based on employment is laughable. Instead of responding to "What do you do?" with a job title and inane description we should extol our leisure time; after all these days we work less, earn more and devote ourselves to hobbies constantly.

So instead of describing how we make money we should explain how we spend it. What's more indicative of a person's nature - what their pay stub says or their playing jazz piano on weekends? How do they dress? What is their home like? How do they vacation?

These days what a man spends his money on is far more important than their job, heritage, birthplace or even past relationships. In essence, a man has become what he buys.


Kelly said...

Agreed! You reminded me of a section of Simon Rich's (SNL writer) book Free Range Chickens, where he says if the oldest job in the world is prostitution, there must have been a time when everyone was a prositute. So people just went around going "Do you want some action?" "No. Do YOU want some action?" LOL

Anny said...

And then someone realized the need for pimps? ;)