Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Future Furniture

Less than two weeks after Ryan commended me on sending out Christmas cards with address labels (a sure sign my nomadic tendencies had abated) I'm scoping out new digs. (NOT this place) Here's some reasonably priced stuff I would like my future self to buy:

My TV would look so cute here!Benno TV Bench - I can't decide between black and white. I guess it would depend on lighting and seating.

SPACEVika Desk - This is the perfect desk for me. Its huge, white and cheap! Plus I love the ends.

Here are two pictures of a guestroom/office (daybed is West Elm) which I love:
Pretty DaybedClean Design


Anonymous said...

A fellow nomad, nice to meet you :)

Love that guest room!

Anny said...

LOL our levels of nomad-dedness don't compare! My dresser probably has more stuff in it than your whole room!